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Insurance for violins, violas, cellos and bows

Musicians develop very personal relationships with their instruments which is why it is important to insurance your violin, viola, cello and bows against theft and accidental loss or damage.

It is possible to get cover for all levels of violin, viola and cello players from string quartet players to orchestral musicians, and for all stringed instruments: from a young student’s violin, to a seasoned soloist’s antique instrument. It is also possible to customise a policy with worldwide cover and protection against theft from an unattended vehicle.


Allianz musical instrument insurance

Allianz Musical Insurance

Allianz Musical Insurance is the UK's leading specialist instrument insurer, protecting over 70,000 British musicians whose instruments have a combined value of more than £600 million. So, why trust anyone other than the industry leaders to look after yours

Designed for musicians of all levels, Allianz’ string instrument insurance provides comprehensive cover, and won’t require you to pay an excess if you need to claim*. No matter where you’re playing, your instrument will be protected against theft, loss and accidental damage. You can also tailor your policy with worldwide, unattended vehicle** and public liability cover!

Allianz are the music insurance experts and understand that if the worst happens you’ll want to get back to playing as soon as possible, so they also cover the costs to hire a loan instrument and will replace your instrument with a similar one of your choice, even if that’s an antique instrument.

Our specialist insurance also covers depreciation in the value of your instrument and bows following a repair, so they’ll always be protected to their true value. We’ll even cover your accessories (valued at up to £250#) with every insurance policy. Premiums start at just £33 per year and can be paid monthly for no extra cost (0% APR).

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* Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.

** Unattended vehicle cover is not available for soft top and convertible vehicles and the instrument must be concealed from view.

# Cover provided for accessories valued between £10-£250, with a per-claim limit of £500.


Lark musical instrument insurance


Lark’s specialist made to measure musical instrument policy acknowledges that there is a special bond between musician and their instrument. The musical instrument insurance offering is based on our experienced teams' understanding that an instrument is not simply a passion, but a livelihood.

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